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The Reptile One Humidi Mist is a high performance and efficient humidifier that is adaptable and safe to use in most environments, whilst providing beneficial requirements to reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and invertebrates. Suitable for Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Invertebrates • The Humidi Mist generates a fine mist that can be controlled and adjusted to achieve a suitable environment for your animals • The Humidi Mist is safe for all animals that requires a humid environment • Does not produce heat • Reservoir bottle has a ‘no-spill’ valve for easy re- filling • Has an automatic cut off switch when the reservoir is empty • Safe low voltage • The Humidi Mist is easy to install, and is suitable with the Reptile One RTF Range Features and Benefits:

• While all animals, to some degree are affected by the level of humidity in their environments, for some animals, humidity plays a more important role in activity levels, cutaneous respiration, reproduction, immune system function, skin health and a wide variety of other processes. • It is recommended to use a timer with the Humidi Mist – Timer is not included • Below is a suggested run time table as a starting point to help you achieve your desired environments. The flow rate assumed for the table is 3, which can then be adjusted if required. Reptile One recommend that you fine tune these settings to suit your individual circumstances.

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