IM | Cricket Box

Next Best Thing to Nature!

Setting Up


Place the Feeder Tube Caps onto the end of the Feeder Tubes. Open the Feeding Tube Port Holes and place the Feeding Tubes into the Container Lid.

Attach the Feeding Tube Port Hole Covers to the Container Lid by gently pushing them into the notches above the Feeding Tube Port Holes.

Opening the Container Lid & Access Lid

Consider where you are going to keep the Cricket Box. Crickets* thrive in warm dark areas. Avoid direct sunlight and places with large temperature fluctuations such as near heaters and air conditioners. Before Use

To remove the Container Lid pull the lip of the Lid away and up from the Container to release the clip on each end.

To open the Access Lid push back on the edge of the transparent lid and lift. When closing push back and down so it clicks into place.

*Sold separately.


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