IM | Cricket Box

Next Best Thing to Nature!

Setting Up Continued Adding Crickets*

Have the Container Lid ready with the Access Lid and the Feeding Tube Port Holes closed.

Quickly transfer the crickets* from the container you purchased them in, into the Cricket Box.

Immediately place the Container Lid onto the Container. Listen for the click of the clip onto the Container.

Ensure the Container Lid is firmly in place so crickets* can not escape.

Feeding Tubes

Insert the Feeding Tubes, into the Feeding Tube Port Holes.

The Feeding Tubes have two functions: 1. Act as hides for the crickets*, so they feel safe minimising stress. 2. Make it easy to feed your reptiles.

Dust the crickets* with a small amount of Reptile One Calcium Powder and D3* while the crickets* are in the feeding tube to make it easy to supplement your reptiles diet.

*Sold separately.


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