IM | Cricket Box

Next Best Thing to Nature!

Setting Up Continued

Before Use Continued

Rinse the Container and accessories with fresh tap water. Ensure all components are dry before assembling and adding crickets*.

Food & Water

Feeding reptiles a well-balanced and nutritious diet is essential for their health. Gut-loading crickets* before feeding your pet reptile is an excellent way to provide vital vitamins and minerals to your reptiles’ diet. Feeding crickets* nourishing foods such as carrots, dark leafy greens, apples and foods high in moisture or Insect Hydro Gel* will also help keep crickets* hydrated and help keep cleaning to a minimum. Gut Loading

Fill one or both Feeding Dishes with food before placing them into the Cricket Box. Place them so as to not interfere with the Feeding Tubes.

If you supply water directly for the crickets*, use a damp paper towel* in the dish or fill the dish with pebbles* before adding water to prevent the crickets* from drowning.

Only feed as much as the crickets* will eat for two days or less. Any longer after that, the food can rot, causing mould.

*Sold separately.


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