IM | Cricket Box

Next Best Thing to Nature!

Cleaning Daily

Every other Day


Check the condition of the crickets* daily.

Remove any food that has begun to mould and clean Feeding Dishes. Remove deceased crickets*.

Replace old food that remains in the dishes with fresh food.

Clean water dishes daily to prevent the build up of bacteria and ammonia.


Remove the Feeding Tubes and shake out any crickets* hiding inside. Close the Feeding Tube Port Holes.

Open the Access Lid to remove the Feeding Dishes, then clean with a small amount of vinegar* on a clean cloth*. Refill the Feeding Dishes and place back into the Cricket Box. Close the Access Lid and re-insert the Feeding Tubes.

Use a piece of cardboard* to scrape up the debris from the bottom of the container.

Use a small amount of vinegar* on a clean cloth* or paper towel* to remove stubborn spots.

It is essential to do a total clean as frequently as possible. Do a complete clean weekly, but if there is a build up of moisture, faeces or mould it is recommended to do it sooner.

*Sold separately.


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